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Who can have weight loss surgery?

The current guidelines recommend bariatric surgery as an option for people with a BMI over 30 with comorbidities (obesity-related illnesses such as diabetes) or people with a BMI over 33 with or without comorbidities.

Surgery alone doesn’t lead to successful weight loss. It requires the help of a multi-disciplinary team and the engagement of the patient.

Who are MWLC and what do they do?

MWLC Turkey takes pride in being the market leader in Bariatric surgery in Turkey, offering unparalleled expertise and exceptional patient care. With undoubtedly the most  skilled bariatric surgeon, Dr Tuna Bilecik, we ensure that our patients receive the best possible treatment in only the finest hospitals in Antalya and Adana, Turkey.

Rachel Kibble, the driving force behind MWLC Turkey, is not only the company’s day-to-day manager but also the mastermind behind the revolutionary MWLC Anti Diet Diet plan. Recognizing the limitations of traditional weight loss methods, Rachel developed a unique system that guarantees remarkable results. Unlike the global expectation of losing only 60-80% of excess weight, Rachel’s program sets an achievable goal of shedding 100% of your excess weight and attaining a normal BMI.

While bariatric surgery is undoubtedly a powerful tool in the weight loss journey, it alone can only assist in reducing 60-80% of excess weight. However, by embracing the anti-diet philosophy and utilizing the tools and knowledge imparted by Rachel and her team based in the U.K., you can achieve the remarkable feat of losing 100% of your excess weight. This comprehensive approach ensures not only successful weight loss but also the ability to maintain a healthy BMI in the long run.

At MWLC Turkey, we believe that true transformation goes beyond surgery. By combining the expertise of our top-notch surgeons with Rachel’s innovative anti-diet approach, we empower our patients to reclaim their health and achieve their weight loss goals like never before. Join us on this transformative journey and experience the life-changing results that MWLC Turkey has to offer.


Developed by our visionary founder, Rachel Kibble, the MWLC Anti Diet Diet plan has garnered remarkable success and continues to grow in popularity. Our patients have experienced true liberation from the cycle of dieting, forever breaking free from its harmful effects.

Rachel’s greatest skill and passion lie in educating our patients about the true nature of obesity. She firmly believes that it is an illness, not a result of greed or lack of willpower. Rachel’s expertise lies in helping individuals understand that obesity is caused by having a stomach that is too large for their body, leading to an overproduction of hormones that trigger constant food cravings. This unhealthy relationship with food is often mislabeled as binge eating or greed, and even food addiction. However, Rachel’s approach focuses on adopting an anti-diet lifestyle, combined with surgical interventions to reduce stomach size and hormone production. This comprehensive approach offers a path to freedom from obesity and dieting forever.

It is crucial to understand that bariatric surgery is not a cosmetic procedure or a last resort for failed diets. It is the only viable option for individuals suffering from obesity. By addressing the underlying physiological factors contributing to obesity, bariatric surgery provides a life-changing solution for those in need.

At MWLC Turkey, we are committed to spreading awareness about the true nature of obesity and providing the most effective treatment options available. Join us on this journey towards a healthier, happier life, free from the burdens of obesity and dieting.

Gastric Balloon Procedure £2500
Sleeve Gastrectomy £3450
Mini Gastric Bypass £3800
Secret Sleeve Surgery £3850 RNY Gastric Bypass £4200
Gallbladder Removal £500
Hernia Repair £500*
Revision Surgery (Please add on to the above prices)
+ £750 for Sleeve to MGB revision
+ £750 for Gastric band revision

* No charge for hernias found that needed repair for surgery to go ahead, that you were not aware of.

You can bring a companion with you free of charge, they will stay with you in your hospital room. 

Flights are not included, but we can assist you in booking them free of charge. 
There is nothing to pay until the day of surgery.