Here at MWLC we provide a unique offering of a service called Assisted Travel. 

What is Assisted Travel? Assisted travel is where one of our lovely co-ordinators (whom have had weight loss surgery with Dr Tuna theirselves), will travel from the UK (Stansted airport) on selected dates and accompany you on your weight loss journey. 

Proving popular with many people, but especially with patients that would love to come for surgery with us but don’t want to go it alone and haven’t got anyone that can fly out with them. 

You will meet one of our Co-Ordinators at Stansted airport at a designated time, and you will travel out to Adana with them and a group of others about to start on their weight loss journey. 

The Co-Ordinator will travel to and from Adana with you, and be there for you throughout the duration of your stay.

The cost of this service is £250.00 and is to be paid upon arrival to the hospital.